Licence to drill  

Episode 8

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Summer is around the corner and the Alberta rigs are about ready to fire back up. Mike is already gone, and Kelly knows he's next. But for Cody and Hutch, it’s a different story. Renegade Drilling owner Lynn James Jr. thinks his son Peanut needs an intervention and he asks Cody to help him wean him off the texting. And Hutch is forced to make a difficult life decision: stay or go back home.

Episode 7

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Cody, Kelly, Mike and Hutch gambled big when they decided to go down to Jena, Louisiana and work the southern oil field during spring break. They all thought they’d make some extra dollars, but they didn’t think they’d make many friends. In this special episode, the riggers call time out, take a break – and have a sit down. Call it what you like, but whatever it is, there’s gonna be trash talkin'. And it's gonna get real personal.

Episode 6

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Cody and Kelly hit the big leagues, earning their spot on Justiss Oil rig 60. This Southern Belle is a vintage Canadian 1980s rig that’s a lot taller than any rig they’ve ever worked on before. She chews up the earth like Jello. And that’s just on the Day Shift. On Nights, Hutch makes his way up the derrick and takes on the fight of his life while Mike has his back.

Episode 5

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When a cold front jeopardizes the Justiss Oil company’s drilling plans, Cody, Kelly, Mike and Hutch are dispatched to the yard where they service the older rigs They make a startling discovery: two of the rigs come straight from Nisku, Alberta. And the surprises keep on comin' , as Kelly gets some tobacco chewing advice, Hutch fires up a welding torch, Mike learns how to kick back and take a break, and Cody gets a little sentimental for an old iron lady.

Episode 4

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The Justiss Oil company has been drilling wildcat wells in Louisiana since 1946, and they know the stakes: for every ten wells they drill, only one produces. But on this well, they've got very high hopes. So when all hell breaks loose on Cody’s watch, Justiss Oil sends in the company man “J-Rock”, to straighten out the mess. And J-Rock knows how to get all hands on deck – including the Canadian hands – pulling together, to save the well.

Episode 3

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Rivalries abound in the oil fields – on and off the rig floor! On the Renegade rig, Kelly desperately wants a shot at the driller job, but the owner’s son is running the controls, and he won't let go. Hutch loses face in a chain-spinning contest, but local hot-shot Coy teaches him a few tricks. And down by the Mississippi, Cody catches a river monster. But if you ask Mike, he'll say it’s all just a fish tale.

Episode 2

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Cody and Mike land the Night Shift on the Renegade rig. Cody takes his best shot at the drilling controls, and when the mud starts flying on the rig floor Mike goes up derrick to try his hand at slingin' pipe. Kelly and Hutch aren't impressed: as far as they're concerned, there's nothing more brutal than the Day Shift, when the drill pipe threatens to melt in the Louisiana sun, and the “suicide line” tries to make a grown man cry.

Episode 1

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Cody, Kelly, Mike and Hutch are on a fish-out of water adventure of a lifetime - and a tight learning curve. They flew thousands of kilometers from Alberta to work in Louisiana during their spring break. This first encounter with the good 'ole boy riggers in the South is a bone shaking, mud splattered, oil drenched escapade. And if the culture clash starts on the drill site, it keeps going when the Canadians crash the wildest party in the south!